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A Unique Formulation

Sambucol Story

Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold & Flu is produced from whole black elderberries and has the equivalent of up to 1000 black elderberries in every 120ml bottle.

Scientific studies have demonstrated Sambucol's efficacy in helping to relieve flu symptoms and shorten the duration of influenza.

In a clinical trial, flu patients given Sambucol recovered on average 4 days earlier, in 3.1 days compared to 7.1 days for those given placebo, when taken within 48 hours after onset of symptoms.

Another clinical trial reported that almost 90% of flu patients receiving Sambucol showed a significant improvement in Influenza B symptoms, including fever, and were symptom free within two to three days, as compared to at least six days with placebo.

Discoveries from in vitro studies indicate that the antiviral activity of Sambucol inhibits hemagglutinin and can help relieve several influenza viruses.

Sambucol antiviral action has demonstrated the ability to help fight the first invasion of the virus. Sambucol can help inhibit the fusion of the virus to healthy host cells and its ability to multiply and spread.

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